Is Tech N9ne the Best Rapper Alive?

A discussion on whether or not Tech N9ne is the best rapper alive.

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It’s a bold claim, but many hip hop fans believe that Tech N9ne is the best rapper alive. And it’s not hard to see why. Tech N9ne is one of the most prolific rappers in the game, with over 70 albums and mixtapes under his belt. He’s also a highly skilled lyricist, capable of delivering complex flows and rhymes with ease. On top of all that, he’s an incredibly entertaining live performer, known for putting on electrifying shows.

Early Life and Career

Technician Leekeem Sermon was born on November 8, 1971, in Kansas City, Missouri. After his parents divorced when he was just nine years old, Sermon and his three sisters were raised by their mother and stepfather in a devoutly Christian household; however, the young man’s love of music — particularly that of hardcore rappers like N.W.A — often put him at odds with his conservative guardians. As a teenager, he began making his own mixtapes under the name Tech N9ne; the “9” in the moniker represented both the number of completion (as in “The Ninth”) and Kansas City’s area code. In his late teens, Tech N9ne moved out of his mother’s house and became involved in gangs and drug dealing; he claims to have fathered 11 children by seven different women. He also spent time in jail for shooting a bystander during an attempted robbery.

Musical Style

Tech N9ne is known for his unique, rapid-fire delivery, which often includes tornadoes of internal rhyme, onomatopoeia, and multisyllabic homages to science fiction. In interviews, he has said that he hopes to reach a point where his words become so dense that they can no longer be understood by the conscious mind, but can only be felt. This style has earned him the nickname “The Innovator” or “The Architect”. As he mentioned in an interview with Sway Calloway, part of his lyrical technique includes saying one thing while meaning something else. For example, in the song “Like Yeah!,” Tech says “I’m high as a kite”, but he is actually referring to being high on life.

Lyrical Content

Tech N9ne is one of the most prolific and innovative rappers alive today. His lyrics are complex, multi-layered, and often disturbing, but they are always fascinating and thought-provoking. He is a master of wordplay, able to pack more meaning into a few lines than most rappers can convey in an entire song. And his delivery is absolutely flawless, delivering each line with perfect precision and razor-sharp timing. In short, Tech N9ne is a supremely talented rapper who consistently produces amazing music.

Commercial Success

Tech N9ne is one of the most commercially successful rappers alive today. He has released 20 albums, with eight of them reaching the Top Ten of the Billboard 200 chart. In total, he has sold over 2 million albums and has had three gold-certified albums. He is also one of the most prolific touring rappers, averaging over 100 shows per year.

Critical Reception

Many critics have hailed Tech N9ne as one of the best rappers alive, and he has certainly achieved a great deal of success in his career. He has released twenty albums, including twelve solo albums and eight collaborative albums, and he has sold over two million records worldwide. He is also the co-founder of the successful independent record label Strange Music.

Tech N9ne’s music is characterized by its dense layers of rhyming, complex lyrical themes, and intricate rhyme schemes. His delivery is often fast-paced and conversational, and he is known for his ability to switch between different flows seamlessly. He has been praised for his technical prowess, lyrical dexterity, and innovative style.

In addition to his own solo work, Tech N9ne has also collaborated with a number of other artists, including Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I., Kendrick Lamar, and many others. He has also been featured on a number of tracks by other artists, such as “The Anthem” by Pitbull and “We Made It” by Busta Rhymes.

Tech N9ne’s music has been praised for its intensity, creativity, and technical complexity. He is widely considered to be one of the best rappers alive today.


Tech N9ne is one of the most popular and successful rappers alive today. He has released twenty-one studio albums, seven of which have gone platinum or better, and he has sold over two million records worldwide. He is also the founder and CEO of his own record label, Strange Music, which is one of the most successful independent record labels in the music industry.

Tech N9ne is considered by many to be one of the best rappers alive, and he has often been praised for his complex rhyme schemes, innovative flows, and catchy hooks. In addition to his critical acclaim, Tech N9ne has also been commercially successful, with seven of his albums reaching the Top Ten on the Billboard 200 chart. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and Kendrick Lamar.

There is no doubt that Tech N9ne is one of the most talented and successful rappers alive today. His legacy is cemented as one of the greatest rap artists of all time.

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