What Is a Tech in Wrestling?

A tech in wrestling is a term used to describe a support position within a wrestling organization. A tech is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the wrestling organization, as well as providing support to the wrestlers and coaches.

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A tech is a type of wrestling move that is used to gain a strategic advantage over an opponent. There are numerous types of techs, and they can be used to set up an opponent for a takedown or to make them more vulnerable to being pinned. While there are many different types of techs, they all have one thing in common: they require the use of technical skill in order to execute them properly.

One of the most common types of techs is the arm drag. This move is used to take an opponent off balance and can be used to set up a takedown or a pin. Another common type of tech is the leg sweep. This move is used to take an opponent’s legs out from under them, which can lead to a takedown or a pin. There are many other types of techs, but these two are some of the most commonly used.

In order to execute a tech properly, it is important that wrestlers have knowledge of leverage and body positioning. These two factors are important in all aspects of wrestling, but they are especially important when executing a tech. Without proper knowledge of leverage and body positioning, wrestlers will not be able to generate the necessary force to execute the move correctly.

While many people think that all wrestling moves are simply about brute force, this could not be further from the truth. In reality, wrestling is a very technical sport that requires athletes to have a great deal of knowledge about leverage and body positioning. Techs are just one example of the many techniques that wrestlers use in order to gain an advantage over their opponents.

What Is a Tech in Wrestling?

A “tech” in wrestling is a wrestler who is specialized in technical wrestling. Technical wrestling is a style of wrestling that focuses on grappling and submission holds, as opposed to the high-flying, showy style of wrestling that is common in professional wrestling.

The Basic Rules

In wrestling, a technical hold is a hold applied to an opponent that does not result in submission or unconsciousness, but rather puts the opponent in a “controlled” position. The goal of such a hold is usually to cause pain or to force the opponent to submit byfully controlling their body. In order for a hold to be considered “technical”, it must be applied properly and with the correct amount of pressure; if done incorrectly, the hold will not work and may even injure the wrestler.

There are three main types of technical holds: chokes, arm locks, and leg locks. Each type of hold has its own set of rules and regulations, which are designed to keep wrestlers safe while still allowing for a fair match.

Chokes are holds that cut off the supply of oxygen to the brain, causing unconsciousness. They can be applied to the front or back of the neck, and can either be blood or air chokes. Blood chokes are more common in wrestling, as they are easier to apply and harder to escape from. Air chokes are more dangerous, as they can cause serious injury or even death if not released in time.

Arm locks areholds that hyperextend or hyperflex the joints in the arms, causing pain and forcing the opponent to submit. There are many different types of arm locks, but the most common are the arm bar, wrist lock, and shoulder lock. Leg locks are similar to arm locks, but they target the joints in the legs instead. The most common types of leg locks are the ankle lock, knee bar, and heel hook.

Technical holds can be very dangerous if not applied correctly, so it is important that wrestlers only attempt them if they have been properly trained. In addition, all matches should be closely supervised by a qualified referee in order to ensure safety.

The Scoring

In order to score points in wrestling, a wrestler must first take their opponent down to the mat and gain control of them. From there, the wrestler must then either pin their opponent (holding them on their back for a three-count), or force them to submit (give up).

There are a few different ways that a wrestler can take their opponent down, but the most common is by using a takedown move. Takedowns are oftenperformed by grabbing onto an opponent’s leg and taking them down to the mat. There are many different takedowns, but some of the most common are the single leg takedown, double leg takedown, and hip toss.

Once a wrestler has taken their opponent down, they will then try to gain control of them. Control can be gained by putting your opponent in a hold, or by forcing them to roll over onto their back. Once a wrestlers has control of their opponent, they will then try to pin them or make them submit.

Pins are when a wrestler holds their opponent on their back for a three count. To do this, a wrestler must have both of their opponent’s shoulders touch the mat at the same time and hold them there for two seconds. If they can do this, they get two points and their opponent is forced to start from the standing position again.

Submissions are when a wrestler makes their opponent give up. This is done by putting your opponent in a hold that is so painful that they have no choice but to tap out (give up). Some common submission holds include the headlock, chokehold, and armlock.

The Technical Holds

There are a variety of different wrestling techniques that are used in the sport. One type of technique is known as a technical hold. Technical holds are Wrestling moves that control an opponent’s body without injuring them. they are often used to force an opponent to submit, or to set up a more damaging move. Some common technical holds include:

-The headlock
-The arm lock
-The hammerlock
-The leg lock


In conclusion, a tech in wrestling is a technical move that is used to gain an advantage over an opponent. There are many different types of techs that can be used in wrestling, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Techs can be used to set up other moves, to escape from bad situations, or to simply score points. Wrestling is a very technical sport, and the use of techs can make a big difference in the outcome of a match.

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