What News Did Bobo Bring To Walter?

What does Bobo have to say to Walter? Bobo informs Walter that their mutual buddy, Willy, has taken all of their money from their booze shop.

Similarly, What news did Bobo bring to Walter how does Walter react to this news?

What news does this individual offer, and how does Walter react? Bobo has arrived at the door to inform him that Willie has stolen the money. This revelation astounds and perplexes Walter. Bobo has no answers to many of his queries.

Also, it is asked, What is the news Bobo gives Walter at the end of Act 2 *?

Walter, on the other hand, didn’t simply “invest” his money; he handed it all to Willy, including Beneatha’s share. The family is heartbroken when Bobo informs them of Willy’s treachery (and Walter’s choice to put all of the money in the hands of a con artist). Beneatha is enraged, and Walter is enraged by his humiliation.

Secondly, How does Walter respond to the news?

What news concerning the liquor shop license is delivered, and how does Walter react? Willy Harris has gone missing with the money, thus there is no liquor license. He bursts out laughing and beating his fist on the floor.

Also, What news does Mr Lindner give to the Youngers?

What is Mr. Lindner’s message to the Youngers? They like having them in Clybourne Park.

People also ask, What was Lindner’s offer?

He feels he is doing the Youngers a favor by proposing to pay them not to relocate into Clybourne Park when he adds that “people like to live among their own kind.” When Lindner initially visits their flat, the Youngers are friendly, and Lindner’s surprise quickly turns to unease.

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How does Walter first respond to Lindner’s offer?

Walter rejects Lindner’s proposal. Ruth discovers she is expecting a child. Beneatha makes the decision to relocate to Africa. Walter and Beneatha dispute on how to spend the money.

What Bobo tells Walter?

What does Bobo have to say to Walter? Bobo informs Walter that their mutual buddy, Willy, has taken all of their money from their booze shop.

Who is Bobo Why does he come to see Walter how does his visit change the family’s mood?

What effect does his visit have on the family’s mood? Walter’s buddy Bobo is interested in buying a booze business with him. Walter was visited by Bobo, who informed him that Willy had stolen all of their money. Because all of Walter’s money was the Younger’s money, this makes the family unhappy and frightened.

Why does Walter decide to accept Lindner’s offer?

Walter accepts Linders offer for what reason? What impact does Walter’s choice have on Mama? Walter wants to sell the home to recoup part of the money Mama gave him so he can feel better and have money again. Mama is displeased and believes he should refuse any offers of money.

What is Ruth’s big news to the family?

Ruth has some exciting news for the family. She was fired from her work.

What is George Murchison’s reaction to Walter?

George refers to Walter Lee as “Prometheus” as a subtle insult, but mostly to emphasize Walter’s lack of knowledge.

How did Ruth find out that Walter wasn’t going to work?

Ruth discovered Walter’s absence from work in an unusual way. Walter’s manager contacted Ruth and informed her that Walter hadn’t shown up for work in three days and that if he didn’t show up the following day, he would be fired.

What does Mama mean when she observes that Walter has finally come into his manhood?

What exactly does Mama mean when she says Walter has “came into his manhood“? Ruth, do you agree? Do you? She is implying that Walter has now prioritized his family above his finances.

What gift does Travis give to Mama?

hat for gardening

Why does Mama give Walter the money?

She thought that realizing her ambition would pave the way for other family members’ wishes to come true. When she realized she was doing the same thing as the rest of the world by denying Walter the opportunity to be a man, she made amends by giving him a portion of the money to start a personal bank account.

What was Mama referring to when she tells Walter?

When Mama says Walter, “We ain’t never been so dead inside,” what did she mean? – Mama is alluding to Walter’s decision to give up, and they would never have been so desperate before to give up their pride – the only thing they had.

What happens to the money Mama gives Walter?

What did Walter do with the money he received from Mama for his booze store? He passes it to Willy Harris, who takes the money and swindle them. Walter’s family despises him until he stands up to Lindner and rejects the offer to move outside of the white area.

Why can t Beneatha use the bathroom when she gets up?

Ruth is always reminding him to eat his eggs. Water becomes enraged because he expects his wife to back him by nodding, smiling, and nodding. From the left bedroom, Beneatha Younger, also known as Bennie, appears. She has to use the restroom, but her dreadful neighbors and their bodily functions prohibit her.

What news does Bobo bring what do we find out regarding what Walter did with the money what is your opinion of Walter in this moment?

What kind of news did Bobo deliver to Walter? He informs Walter that Willy grabbed all of the money and vanished. Beneatha and Ruth are packing when Ruth tells Beneatha how pleased she is with Walter’s transformation.

Why is Mama getting a check for $10000?

This money comes from the life insurance policy of Mr. Younger, who passed away. Each of the family’s adult members has a notion of what he or she would want to accomplish with the money. Mama, the family matriarch, wants to purchase a home to realize a goal she and her husband had.

What is Walter’s dream?

Walter aspires to be affluent and provide for his family in the same way as the wealthy folks he drives around do. He often expresses his desire to provide for his family by saying that he wants to give them what he has never had.

What does Travis want to be when he grows up How does Walter respond to this?

Walter inquires of his kid as to “what type of man” he want to become when he grows up. Travis claims he wants to be a bus driver, but Walter believes his ambition “ain’t big enough.” Walter promises Travis that “after tonight,” he will be able to support the family financially.

What news does Bobo bring regarding the liquor license and how does Walter react?

What news does this individual offer, and how does Walter react? Bobo arrives at the door with news from the booze shop. He tells Walter that Willy has taken the money. Walter is crushed and, for a little period, in denial (Page 125-128).

Why does Mama keep Travis in the room?

When Walter speaks to Lindner, Mama makes Travis remain in the room. Mama wants Travis to see what type of guy his father is, and she believes Walter won’t embarrass himself in front of him. Walter should educate Travis, she reminds him.

Why does Mama call Walter a disgrace?

Why did Mama call Walter’s father’s memory a disgrace? He had abandoned God and had become an alcoholic.

Why did Beneatha not want to be a doctor anymore?

Why does Beneatha no longer want to be a doctor? She no longer wants to be a doctor since she believes she will be unable to go medical school without sufficient funds. She is powerless to solve humanity’s issues, such as prejudice and greed.

Who is Joseph Asagai Where did Beneatha meet him?

Beneatha tells Mama when she hangs up that the guy she talked with on the phone is Joseph Asagai, an African scholar she met at school. Beneatha’s concerns regarding her family’s ignorance of Africa and African people are discussed by her and Mama.

Does George respect Walter’s dream?

Walter’s dream is respected by George Murchison.

What has Beneatha done to her hair?

Beneatha takes off her headgear to discover that she had shaved off the majority of her hair, leaving just an afro. Beneatha’s appearance astounded, intrigued, and somewhat disappointed everyone, creating a heated debate between Beneatha and George regarding the significance of their African origin.

Who is Jomo Kenyatta in a raisin in the sun?

Jomo Kenyatta is a Kenyan politician. He was a Kenyan politician and academic.


Walter is a man who is constantly trying to keep up with the latest news. He has a habit of asking Bobo what he brought him, and then reacting accordingly.

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