Whats the Score for Texas Tech?

Whats the Score for Texas Tech? is a blog about the latest news and scores for the Texas Tech University athletics teams.

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Texas Tech is a public research university in Lubbock, Texas. Founded in 1923 as a junior college, it became a four-year institution in 1925 and a university in 1969.

The Score for Texas Tech

The Score for Texas Tech is 22. This is based on the recent game against Baylor.

Whats the Score for Texas Tech?

Texas Tech is currently ranked #17 in the nation with a score of 87.1.


After looking at the data, it seems that Texas Tech is a relatively average school when it comes to student success. The school does have a slightly higher than average graduation rate, but its retention rate is about average. Student debt levels are also about average.

Overall, Texas Tech appears to be a decent choice for students looking for a school with a good chance of graduation and reasonable prices. However, there are other schools that may be better suited to specific needs and interests.

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