When Does Virginia Tech Play Today?

It’s always a big game when the Virginia Tech Hokies take the field. Check here for updates on the team’s schedule, game times, and results.

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Upcoming Games

The Virginia Tech Hokies have an upcoming game against the Florida State Seminoles on September 14th at 8pm. This game will be televised on ABC. The next game is against the Old Dominion Monarchs on September 21st at 8pm.

Find the schedule

The most popular sport in the United States, football is also a cherished pastime for many Virginians. Fans can catch a game of Virginia Tech football live by checking the schedule below. Be sure to wear your maroon and orange to show your support for the Hokies!

Both men’s and women’s basketball teams at Virginia Tech are nationally competitive, so fans can expect exciting games throughout the season. Check the schedule below to find out when and where to catch a game.

Look for games that are today or upcoming

In the coming days, there are a few games that may be of interest to you. Check out the list below to see when your favorite team is playing.

Thursday, September 3
-Virginia Tech at Boston College, 8:00 pm ET

Friday, September 4
-Clemson at Syracuse, 7:00 pm ET
-Pittsburgh at Penn State, 8:00 pm ET

Saturday, September 5
-Miami at Florida State, 3:30 pm ET

Game Time

The Virginia Tech Hokies are set to take on the Clemson Tigers in Death Valley today. The game is set to kickoff at 8:00 PM EST and will be broadcast on ABC. This is a huge game for both teams as they are both ranked in the top 25. It should be a great game.

Check the time of the game

The time of the game can vary depending on a few factors. The main factor is whether or not the game is on tv. If the game is on tv, then the start time will be announced at least a week in advance. However, if the game is not on tv, then the start time will be announced only a couple days in advance. The other factor that can affect the start time is the weather. If the weather is bad, then the game may be pushed back to later in the day or even to another day altogether. So be sure to check the time of the game before you head out to tailgate!

Make sure you know the time zone of the game

The time zone of the game is important to know so you can be sure to watch the game or attend it. The time zone will also affect how early you need to set your alarm clock if you are going to watch the game.

It is also important to know the time zone of the game if you are planning on attending it. If the game is in a different time zone than where you are, you will need to plan accordingly so that you arrive on time.

TV Channels

The Virginia Tech Hokies will take on the Miami Hurricanes today at 8 PM EST. The game will be televised on ESPN.

Find out what channels the game is on

You can find out what channels the game is on by visiting the Virginia Tech website or by contacting your local television provider.

Check your local listings

Most college football games are broadcast on one of the ESPN channels, ABC, NBC, or CBS. You can also find games on the Fox network and on various college sports networks such as the SEC Network, Big Ten Network, and Pac-12 Network.

To find out when and where a particular game is being broadcast in your area, you’ll need to check your local TV listings. Here’s how:

Virginia Tech’s website provides a handy tool for finding out when and where to watch their games. Just enter your zip code and they’ll give you a list of all the channels that will be carrying their game in your area, as well as the start time.

You can also find out what channels are carrying college football games by using your TV provider’s channel guide. Most TV providers have an online channel guide that you can access from their website or mobile app. Just enter your zip code to see a list of all the channels available in your area, and then scroll through until you find the ones that are showing college football games.

Radio Channels

If you want to know When Does Virginia Tech Radio Channels Play Today, you can find that information here. The game times and channels for all of today’s college football games will be listed below.

Find out what radio stations will be broadcasting the game

The game will be broadcast on the following radio stations:

WAVY – 1050 AM
WRVA – 1140 AM
WJZ – 105.7 FM

Check your local listings

Some games may be aired on different channels depending on your location. To find out which channels will be airing the game in your area, please check your local listings.

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