When Will Virginia Tech Release Early Action Decisions?

Virginia Tech will release early action decisions on December 15th. If you’re wondering when you can expect to hear back from VT, read on for everything you need to know.

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Virginia Tech’s Early Action Plans

Virginia Tech has not released their Early Action plans for the upcoming year as of yet. This can be very frustrating for students who are waiting to hear back from the school. The good news is that Virginia Tech has said they will release the decisions “on or before” December 15th. So, students should expect to hear back from the school within the next few weeks.

Regular Decision vs. Early Action

There are two types of early admissions programs: Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA). With both plans, you’ll apply earlier in the fall than the Regular Decision deadline of January 1. The key difference is that with ED, you commit to attending the university if you are accepted, whereas with EA, you do not.

The main advantage of applying Early Decision is that it increases your chances of getting into your first-choice school — sometimes by a lot. That’s because students who apply ED are indicating to the university that it’s their top choice, so the admissions office knows they can count on those students to enroll if they are accepted. Because of this commitment, most schools give preference to ED applicants.

The advantage of EA is that it gives you a chance to find out if you’ve been accepted to your first-choice school without making a commitment to attend. This can be helpful if you’re unsure about whether or not you want to attend a particular school or if you’re still considering other options. It also gives you more time to compare financial aid offers before making a decision.

If you’re sure that a particular school is your top choice and you can afford to attend regardless of the financial aid package you receive, then applying ED may be the best option for you. But if you’re not sure about a school or need more time to compare your options, then EA may be the better choice.

Virginia Tech has an Early Action plan for undergraduates. The deadline to apply EA is November 1, and decisions will be released by mid-December.

Eligibility for Early Action

In order to be eligible for Early Action at Virginia Tech, you must:

-Complete your application for admission (including the essay) and submit all required materials by the Early Action deadline of November 1.
-Request that your official high school transcript and official scores from the SAT or ACT (with Writing) be sent directly to Virginia Tech. Homeschooled students and students attending schools outside of the United States should review our secondary school credentials policy.
-Submit a nonrefundable $45 application fee or waive the fee by requesting a Fee Waiver.

The Timeline for Virginia Tech’s Early Action Decisions

Virginia Tech’s Early Action deadline is November 1st. Decisions will be released on a rolling basis, with most students hearing back by mid-December. Keep in mind that Virginia Tech’s decision release timeline is different from other schools. For example, schools on the Common App utilize a system where decisions are released all at once on a specific date in December. So, if you’re applying to Virginia Tech Early Action, be prepared to receive your decision a bit earlier than your peers.

When to submit your application

You must submit your Early Action application — including all required components — by the deadline to be considered for admission. We encourage you to submit your materials as early as possible, and no later than November 1. Please note that our ability to accommodate late applications is very limited, so if you think you may miss the Early Action deadline, we urge you to apply Regular Decision.

Regular Decision applicants who wish to be considered for certain scholarships are encouraged to submit their applications by December 1; however, scholarship deadlines and notification dates vary.

When to expect a decision

Virginia Tech offers two rounds of Early Action admission. The first round is non-binding, meaning students are not committed to attending Virginia Tech if they are admitted. The second round, known as Early Decision I, is binding, meaning students must attend Virginia Tech if they are admitted.

For Early Action I, applications must be received by November 1st and decisions will be released on December 15th. For Early Action II, applications must be received by January 15th and decisions will be released on February 15th.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted Early Action to Virginia Tech

Follow the requirements

To be eligible for early action, students must meet all of the application requirements, including submitting their completed application, official transcripts, and standardized test scores by the early action deadline of November 1.

In addition, students must also submit a non-refundable $70 application fee or a fee waiver request. Eligible students can have their application fee waived by completing the Fee Waiver Request Form and submitting it along with their completed application.

The form is available on the Virginia Tech website and must be submitted by the early action deadline of November 1.

Submit a strong application

There’s no one surefire way to get accepted Early Action to Virginia Tech, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. Firstly, make sure your application is as strong as it can be. High grades, strong test scores, and extracurricular activities will all help your case. Secondly, be sure to submit your application early. The admissions committee will start reviewing applications as soon as they come in, so the sooner you submit yours, the better. Finally, keep in mind that not all Early Action applications are evaluated equally. Students who have a personal connection to Virginia Tech or who are from underrepresented groups may have a better chance of being accepted.

Demonstrate interest

The best way to demonstrate interest is to visit campus. Once you have been admitted, it’s strongly encouraged that you come for a visit. You can schedule a tour or just come to explore on your own. We also offer many special programs for admitted students, which are listed on our website. If you can’t visit, make sure you read all correspondence from the Admissions Office and respond as soon as possible.

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