Who Is Leaving Channel 3 News?

Similarly, Who is the new anchor on KCRA Channel 3?

Hearst Television is Hearst’s wholly-owned subsidiary. Mike Cherry will be joining the KCRA 3 and My58 team as a morning anchor, according to the station.

Also, it is asked, Where is Jaime Cerreta?

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, Jaime Cerreta anchors 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona. She covers everything from crime scenes and breaking news to restaurant openings and neighborhood activities throughout the week.

Secondly, Where is Allison Rodriguez?

She returned to the team in March 2020, having previously covered key events in Arizona, including as the development of the coronavirus epidemic along the southern border and two visits by US President Donald Trump. She returned after a stint in the Bay Area, where she worked as a reporter and anchor at KTVU Fox 2 in Oakland, California.

Also, Why did Eric Parker leave WFSB?

COVID, like every other industry, took a toll on WFSB’s finances. Budget cutbacks were unavoidable, and many individuals, including Parker, were laid go. The good news for the hardworking Parker, who grew up in East Lyme and now lives in Old Lyme, was that he had a backup plan. He had a successful legal firm.

People also ask, Where is Yetta Gibson now?

Anchor for CBS 5 This Morning.

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What happened Olivia Fierro?

She went to UCLA’s Extension Program for broadcast journalism after graduation. With the introduction of Olivia’s Book Club in January 2019, a lifetime passion of reading became a career initiative.

Where did Ty Steele go?

Ty Steele has been elevated to nightly anchor for NBC station KCRA in Sacramento, California.

Who is leaving KCRA news 2021?

Brian Heap is a British actor.

Where did Melanie Hunter go?

Melanie Hunter is the new morning traffic anchor at KCRA. Melanie spent three years with the NBC station KVOA in Tucson, Arizona, before heading to Sacramento. Her main work was as a traffic reporter and anchor. She also served as a weather and news anchor on occasion.

Where is Jared Dillingham now?


Who is Gina Maravilla?

Gina Maravilla is a native of Arizona. She was a basketball player at Deer Valley High School in Glendale, where she attended high school. She went on to become a Sun Devil after that. She obtained two degrees from Arizona State University, in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science, with a Sociology minor.

Did Kent Dana pass away?

Kent Dana, a long-time Phoenix news anchor, has died. Dana, one of Phoenix’s most beloved news anchors, died at the age of 80. He passed away on April 19th. According to his son Joe, he acquired an infection after fracturing his hip in January, and his health worsened after many weeks in the hospital.

There are more videos available. Kent Dana was a Valley legend and a close friend of the 12 News team. Joe Dana, Kent’s son and a reporter for 12 News, honors his father’s impact.

Where is Catherine Anaya?

Kris Pickel will replace Anaya this summer, according to KPHO. She joins CBS 5 from a Cleveland-based NBC affiliate. She formerly worked as an anchor for Tucson’s KOLD-TV. Anaya’s blog about her choice may be seen here.

Who got laid off at WFSB?

WFSB-TV3 laid off numerous staff on Thursday, including Eric Parker. WFSB-TV3 began cleaning house two weeks ago, parting ways with Dennis House, a 28-year veteran anchor. And the housekeeping hasn’t slowed down. WFSB stated on Thursday that it will be announcing further personnel reductions.

Where is Stephanie Simoni?

Stephanie Simoni, a former WTNH anchor, has joined WFSB in Hartford.

What happened to Edie Lambert?

Lambert and her husband, Lloyd E. Levine, who she married in September, now live in Sacramento with their two children. On a trip from Seattle to Sacramento in November 2005, Lambert and Levine, who was then the Assemblymember for California’s 40th Assembly District, met.

Where is Brittany hope from?

Los Angeles, California

Did Eileen Javora return to KCRA?

Eileen Javora is returning to the KCRA 3 News crew after maternity leave, according to Hearst-owned NBC station KCRA Sacramento, Calif. (DMA 20). Beginning December 1, Javora will resume her work as a meteorologist, joining the weekend news crew.

How much does a KCRA news anchor make?

News anchor base salaries at firms like KCRA-TV vary from $35,620 to $58,567, with an average of $44,412. Total cash remuneration, including bonuses and yearly incentives, ranges from $35,865 to $58,882, with an average of $44,677.

How Old Is Eddie Lambert?

53 years old (Novem.) Edie Lambert / Edie Lambert / Edie Lambert / Edie Lambert

Where is Melanie Johnson going?

Melanie Johnson, a weekend anchor and weekday reporter at KMOV, will relocate to STL from Syracuse. She is a native of Chicago and a Howard University graduate. I’m ecstatic to be a member of this group. I’m delighted to be able to call St.

What is Kellie DeMarco doing now?

Kellie’s current emphasis is on assisting companies and NGOs in telling their stories, working more effectively with the media, and giving them the VOICE to be heard so that they may have a bigger influence in their communities.

Is April Warnecke still on Channel 3?

Now, she claims that the monsoon’s unpredictability makes Arizona weather forecasting particularly difficult and thrilling. Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m., join April and the rest of the family on 3TV for Good Morning Arizona.

Who is Kaley O Kelley?

Kaley O’Kelley, a six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and self-proclaimed weather nut, loves television. Kaley received her bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University, although her career in broadcasting started much earlier. She hosted a Los Angeles-based television chat show while still in high school.

Who is Joe Dana father?

Kent Dana is a news anchor.

Where is Scot Haney today?

Scot Haney keeps Connecticut up to current with the most up-to-date weather predictions, particularly for the morning commute. Scot may be seen daily from 4:30 to 7 a.m. on Eyewitness News This Morning. He also co-hosts “Better Connecticut” on Channel 3 at 3 p.m.

What is Mike Cameron doing now?

SEATTLE (AP) — Mike Cameron, a former Mariners center fielder who spent four seasons with the team during his 17-year Major League career, has been hired as a special assignment coach to work with the team’s outfielders on defense and baserunning.

Is Wendell Edwards still on WFSB?

This morning, Wendell Edwards co-anchors Channel 3’s Eyewitness News. Prior to going to Connecticut, he worked at ABC 3340 News in Birmingham, Alabama, and KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City, where he anchored morning shows and reported.


Channel 3 News is a local station in Nevada. They have been losing employees for a while now. Who are they losing?

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Arrianee Lebeau is leaving Channel 3, who will be the new anchor? Reference: arrianee lebeau leaving channel 3.

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