Who Left Channel 5 News?

After almost 17 years with WMC Action News 5, Kontji Anthony is leaving. Action News 5 anchor Kontji Anthony told The Commercial Appeal on Wednesday that she would be leaving WMC in roughly a month. Anthony has worked with Action News 5 for about 17 years and is a native of New Rochelle, New York.

Similarly, Who left Channel 5 Cleveland?

The calendar hasn’t even flipped to March yet, and Cleveland is already bidding goodbye to two longstanding local television personalities. Meg Shaw is quitting the television industry, but not Cleveland, according to the WEWS Channel 5 reporter.

Also, it is asked, Who is leaving KSTP?

Miles, Jessica

Secondly, Who just left KSDK news?

St. Louis commemorated “Casey Nolen Day” last week, with Mayor Tishaura Jones issuing a proclamation. Nolen had announced he was leaving his home Missouri for a position in Washington, D.C. after 15 years at NBC station KSDK, most recently as political editor and anchor. The compliments poured in.

Also, Who left WEWS?

News 5 era Leon Bibb and Lee Jordan, two longstanding WEWS anchors, announced their retirements from the station in 2017.

People also ask, Is Jessica Miles leaving channel 5?

Jessica Miles, a longtime KSTP anchor and reporter, has announced her departure from the station to spend more time with her family. “I’ve taken the extremely tough choice to leave my job here at 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS after almost 19 years,” she said during Monday’s show.

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Who is Jessica Miles husband?

Kampschroer, Cory

Who is Leaving Fox 8 NEWS?

Shelley Brown is leaving FOX 8 to spend more time with her family.

Who did DaLaun Dillard replace?

DaLaun Dillard, a Michigan native, will start as the new 5 p.m. anchor on WEWS Channel 5 on Tuesday. Frank Wiley, who left the station earlier this year for a job in Florida, is replaced by Dillard. Dillard, a Central Michigan University graduate, is 27 years old.

Where is Tracy Carloss?

Tracy Carloss, an Emmy Award-winning Weekend Anchor and Reporter, works for WEWS in Cleveland, Ohio. Carloss, a native of Pittsburgh, wanted to work somewhere near to home.

Where is Courtney gousman now?

She’s worked in television journalism for over two decades and has experienced firsthand how life always throws a few curveballs. She’s gone through a divorce and relocated away from her hometown of Chicago to take on a new career as anchor for News 5 Cleveland in the previous year.

Is Trent Magill married?

The Knot – Alaina Ball and Trent Magill’s Wedding Website

Is Jessica Miles leaving KSTP?

Jessica Miles, a reporter for 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, is leaving to spend more time with her family – KSTP.com News from Eyewitness.

How long have Frank and Amelia been married?

Frank married Amelia in Florence, Italy, in 1999. They reside in Minneapolis with their three children, Sam, Joseph, and Francesca, as well as two pets.

Has Jason DeRusha left WCCO?

Heather Brown has been named the new anchor of WCCO’s This Morning program. Brown, who currently co-anchors WCCO Mid-Morning with DeRusha, will now spend more time with him as they present the station’s daily program from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Where is Abby Llorico?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Abby Llorico joined the Get Up DC team and joined WUSA9 in March 2022 to work on Verify content. She traveled to the nation’s capital through St. Louis, where she spent almost five years reporting for Today In St. Louis and special projects.

Is Heidi Glaus married to a woman?

Heidi Glaus, Wife, Partner Heidi Glaus prefers to keep her personal life private, therefore details about her dating life aren’t accessible. As a result, it is unknown if she is married or has children.

Is Jennifer Blome married?

Blome describes herself as a “natural caretaker” who thrives when she is assisting others. She and her boyfriend, David Keiser, have been married for 15 years and share their home with a zoo of rescue dogs.

Who is Rob Powers married to?

Powers, Debbie Rob Powers / Husband

Is Remeisha shade still with Channel 5?

Remeisha Shade, who has been providing weather for the Saturday evening newscasts since late 2010, has departed the station, according to NBC 5.

Why did Melissa Mack leave Fox 8?

Melissa Mack, a long-time Cleveland meteorologist, is quitting her television job to spend more time with her 5-year-old son.

Where did Melissa Mack go?

Melissa Mack is leaving her job as a meteorologist at Fox 8 Cleveland.

How old is Meg Shaw?

Wiki about Meg Shaw (Early Life, Age) Her birthplace is Coshocton, Ohio, and she was born in the year 1984. She is a 38-year-old woman.

Is Danita Harris from Channel 5 News married?

My family consists of my spouse Brad, daughter Kanecia, and son Chase. Justin and Bastille, two dogs. Encourage individuals to pursue their ambitions is my passion.

Is Homa Bash coming back to Channel 5?

CINCINNATI, OHIO — Homa Bash, a reporter for WEWS Channel 5, will return to the station in August after a year away to be closer to her family in Dallas.

Where is Homa Bash from?

Two beautiful parents, four brothers, three sisters-in-law, two lovely nieces, a humorous nephew, and one fantastic husband make up my family. Something most people don’t know about me: I was born in India, yet my name is Homa, which is Persian for a strong legendary bird.

Where did Sam vascellaro go to college?

The St. Thomas University

Where did Frank and Amelia meet?

They were both at a benefit at Uptown’s Calhoun Beach Club in December 1996. The rest is, well, nearly, history. How Frank and Amelia became the beloved pair on local television, in their own words.

How old is Don Shelby?

74 years (.) Age / Don Shelby


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